Lesson series

Scrypto 101

Everything you need to know to write your first smart contracts
with Scrypto.

What's included?

Learn at your own pace

This course takes about 20 hours to complete, do it over several weeks or a weekend, you decide!

Coding examples

We show you the code, literally.

Everything you need to get started

This course is designed to give you everything you need to get started with Scrypto and code your first smart contracts

Programming exercises

Theory is nice but nothing beats practice, you will get plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty!

Join the Scrypto community

Share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help from devs in the community

Earn $200 in XRD 

Submit your first Scrypto blueprint and earn $200 in XRD with the Radix Developer Incentives.

Introducing Scrypto

The asset-oriented programming language for Finance
Scrypto is the open source smart contract language of the Radix public network. Scrypto rethinks how smart contracts are built to finally let you create secure and powerful decentralised financial applications that users can rely on – spend most of your time on code and functionality, not worrying about losing money.

Security through

Scrypto is asset-oriented, meaning that Scrypto is the first language where assets of value (whether tokens, NFTs, and more) are first-class types that ensure nothing is lost or unaccounted for at runtime. Developers can confidently focus on writing core dApp logic that is safer because they never have to implement asset behavior and error-checking themselves – eliminating risk and complexity at the same time.

Powerful, familiar,
built for finance

Scrypto is based on Rust, providing the powerful and expressive logic of one of the best-loved languages today, while adding asset-oriented primitives and functions that let the developer focus on quickly programming finance, not programming a blockchain.

Share and
get rewarded

Scrypto takes open source to the next level. An on-network “Blueprint Catalog” of reusable pieces of functionality will allow developers to contribute and leverage code that isn’t just open – it’s alive and proven out every day. And an on-network royalty system will let any developer get directly rewarded for their contributions, large or small, as they are used – like Spotify for code.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone with minimal experience in programming and is interested in learning how to build the future of Web3. A little bit of knowledge in Web3 and the crypto space could be helpful but it is not necessary.

Do I need to know Rust?

Scrypto was built as a Rust framework and adds functionality to natively work with assets. This means that knowing the basics of Rust is a requirement before you get started with this course. Note that only the basics are required as you will not use the more advanced Rust concepts often when writing Scrypto code.

If you are hesitant in joining this course because of the mention of Rust, please don’t be. We had multiple people in our community who did not have any programming experience before starting with Scrypto and they were able to build impressive Scrypto blueprints in only a couple of weeks!

Do I get a Scrypto certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon receiving passing grades in the exam. Additionally, you will receive a Scrypto 101 NFT and $200 XRD upon successful completion of the end of the course Escrow Challenge.

How long is the course?

This course is meant to teach you the basics of Scrypto and how to start using it to prototype your ideas. We estimate it takes about 20 hours to complete or about two weeks if you are advancing a little bit every day. Note that you can take all the time you need to complete the course.

Course Lessons

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